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Tent Rentals


From a single table barbeque, to a multi-structured convention, we have the tenting to cover your event adequately. We offer secure, durable tents of various sizes and types.

For Weddings, Private Parties, Trade Shows, Sporting Events, Corporate Gatherings and more.

Frame Tent

Frame Tents are our more popular tents. Their frame is lightweight, that means built and dismantle can be executed considerable fast. Look, strength and affordability are our formula to make this tents our first option for you.

Structure Tent

Structure Tents are custom-made, they can meet your specific needs for with and height, these are the most solid tents that can resist rains and high winds, easy to open and close the walls as needed.

Marquee Tent

Marquee Tents are a fusion of Frame Tent and Pole Tent. This hybrid tent concept provides you with solid benefits of a frame tent but with the elegant look of high peaks.

Pole Tent

Pole Tents present dramatic peaks and elegant lines to give a beautiful look, in the interior as well as the exterior. Decoration gets a nice push by the interior poles, and the high ceilings provide a canvas for unique light designs.

Pop-Up Tent

Pop-Ups Tents are the most practical tents to cover immediate needs, 10×10 or 20×20 give you the shade or cover you need in minutes.

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